New Researcher Symposium

Picture by Danimir.

Every year, the SIGMOD Conference includes a symposium about starting a career in the data management community. These symposia are geared towards graduate students and junior researchers, but they attract a very broad audience because they are both informative and entertaining.

This year’s symposium will take place on Tuesday 2017-05-16, 18:00-19:30. We should mention that there will be free food!

After the food, the topic will be What’s in a hype?. We will discuss issues such as

  • past and current hypes: Big Data, Deep Learning, the Cloud, and Cloud Services
  • future hypes
  • how should we deal with hypes: should we avoid or follow?
  • how to detect a hype
  • interdisciplinarity: a hype or a blessing?
  • the future of the database field in view of these developments


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