PODS accepted papers

Circuit Treewidth, Sentential Decision, and Query Compilation
Simone Bova and Stefan Szeider

A Worst-Case Optimal Multi-Round Algorithm for Parallel Computation of Conjunctive Queries
Bas Ketsman and Dan Suciu

Answering Conjunctive Queries under Updates
Christoph Berkholz, Jens Keppeler and Nicole Schweikardt

On Asymptotic Cost of Triangle Listing in Random Graphs
Di Xiao, Yi Cui, Daren Cline and Dmitri Loguinov

The Complexity of Ontology-Based Data Access with OWL2QL and Bounded Treewidth Queries
Meghyn Bienvenu, Stanislav Kikot, Roman Kontchakov, Vladimir Podolskii, Vladislav Ryzhikov and Michael Zakharyaschev

Efficient and Provable Multi-Query Optimization
Tarun Kathuria and S Sudarshan

Stable Model Semantics for Tuple-Generating Dependencies Revisited
Mario Alviano, Michael Morak and Andreas Pieris

Private Incremental Regression
Shiva Kasiviswanathan, Kobbi Nissim and Hongxia Jin

Benchmarking the chase
Michael Benedikt, George Konstantinidis, Giansalvatore Mecca, Boris Motik, Paolo Papotti, Donatello Santoro and Efthymia Tsamoura

A Relational Framework for Classifier Engineering
Benny Kimelfeld and Christopher Re

BPTree: an L2 heavy hitters algorithm using constant memory
Vladimir Braverman, Stephen Chestnut, Nikita Ivkin, Jelani Nelson, Zhengyu Wang and David Woodruff

How Fast can a Distributed Transaction Commit?
Rachid Guerraoui and Jingjing Wang

What do Shannon-type inequalities, submodular width, and disjunctive datalog have to do with one another?
Mahmoud Abo Khamis, Hung Ngo and Dan Suciu

J-Logic: Logical foundations for JSON querying
Jan Hidders, Jan Paredaens and Jan Van den Bussche

Counting and Enumerating (Preferred) Database Repairs
Ester Livshits and Benny Kimelfeld

Dichotomies in Ontology-Mediated Querying with the Guarded Fragment
André Hernich, Carsten Lutz, Fabio Papacchini and Frank Wolter

Efficiently Enumerating Minimal Triangulation
Nofar Carmeli, Batya Kenig and Benny Kimelfeld

Output-optimal Parallel Algorithms for Similarity Joins
Xiao Hu, Yufei Tao and Ke Yi

Querying Probabilistic Preferences in Databases
Batya Kenig, Benny Kimelfeld, Haoyue Ping and Julia Stoyanovich

Reverse Engineering SPJ-Queries from Examples
Yaacov Y. Weiss and Sara Cohen

Schema Mappings for Data Graphs
Nadime Francis and Leonid Libkin

Dependencies for Graphs
Wenfei Fan and Ping Lu

2-3 Cuckoo Filters for Faster Triangle Listing and Set Intersection
David Eppstein, Michael Goodrich, Michael Mitzenmacher and Manuel Torres

Tight Space-Approximation Tradeoff for the Multi-Pass Streaming Set Cover Problem
Sepehr Assadi

Write-Optimized Skip Lists
Michael Bender, Martin Farach-Colton, Rob Johnson, Simon Mauras, Tyler Mayer, Cynthia Phillips and Helen Xu

Streaming Algorithms for Measuring H-Impact
Priya Govindan, Morteza Monemizadeh and S Muthukrishnan

Efficient Matrix Sketching over Distributed Data
Zengfeng Huang, Xuemin Lin, Wenjie Zhang and Ying Zhang

JSON: data model, query languages and schema specification
Pierre Bourhis, Juan L. Reutter, Fernando Suarez and Domagoj Vrgoc

Combined Tractability of Probabilistic Evaluation for Conjunctive Queries on Binary Signatures
Antoine Amarilli, Mikael Monet and Pierre Senellart